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We have diverse roles in different departments, depending on your experience, interests and career aspirations. Life is what happens when you’re busy working, so we want to make sure you enjoy it.
Sales & Business Development

Connecting with our customers and delivering value through our products & services is the principal reason why our business thrives.

Our frontline professionals have a passion for selling, exhibits resilience and persistence, and is able to establish trust with retail and wholesale customers.

We have roles in retail & wholesale sales, showroom distribution, public relations, sales management, business development, and customer service.

Accounting & Finance

Handling day-to-day accounting operations, keeping accurate records, overseeing financial transactions, and ensuring compliance to audit standards are our main responsibilities.

Our professionals will possess excellent analytical skills and attention-to-detail in order to handle accounting work accurately and objectively.

We have roles as accounts clerk, bookkeeping, accountant, financial and accounting management.

Creative & Design

Visual communication and storytelling is at the heart of what our creatives do. From framing inspirations, sketching, prototyping, graphics, and photography, the team communicates relevance in order to engage with customers.

In addition to the technical capabilities, creatives and designers need to have a strong aesthetic sense, possess a passion for the study of culture and arts, be able to think conceptually, and communicate imaginative ways.

We have roles in fashion design, brand communications, photography, and multimedia & graphics design.

Procurement & Operations

The procurement and operations teams control the supply chain process to guarantee our products are delivered from vendor to the stores.

Accuracy, adherence to process, speed of execution, strong negotiation and communication skills are the desired traits for the team.

We have roles in merchandising, procurement, operations & system, Inventory & distribution, and warehousing.

Human Resources & Administration

Beyond the traditional HR responsibilities of administration, recruitment, compliance, and remuneration, the team is primarily focused on how to enhance employees’ workplace experiences, and supporting business growth.

Our professionals need to possess empathy, conflict management skills, a focus on change & development, and a comprehensive understanding of the business.

We have roles in administration, human resources officers, change management, and learning professionals.

Technology & Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team reaches and engages our customers through online channels (e-commerce, social media, online advertising). This endeavor is supported by our IT professionals, who also maintain the company’s electronic infrastructure.

The required attributes for the team are excellent organizational skills, teamwork, and the ability to keep up with an accelerating landscape.

We have roles in e-commerce customer support, online marketing, user-interface/user-experience, web developers, IT support, and projects management.